A Louisiana Gentleman and Other New Orleans Comedies, Volume 1

Ghosts of New Orleans:  Plays by Rosary Hartel O’Neill, Volume 2

Afterlife Ghostly Comedies: Plays by Rosary Hartel O’Neill Volume 3

Individual Plays:

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The Awakening of Kate Chopin

The Death Spiral


Beckett at Greystones Bay Degas in New Orleans Montgomery Clift & the All Girl Fan Club Uncle Victor
Blackjack: The Thief of Possession Hearts Naked in New Orleans The Wing of Madness
Broadway or Bust James Dean and the Devil Gable/Lombard/Plane Love White Suits in Summer
Buried Alive John Singer Sargent and Madame X Marie Laveau and the Vampire Property Wishing Aces
Catatonic A Louisiana Gentleman Solitaire James Dean & the Highway of Death