The Reluctant Vampire

Time:1881, Place: St Louis Cemetery No. 1, New Orleans. Christian a rookie vampire, going mad from refusing to suck human blood, wants to be human.(Main Quest) He recoils when his wife, Fantóme, queen of the vampires demands he drain the voodoo priestess Marie Laveau.(Inciting Incident) Panicked by learning only a priest’s blood can save him from lunacy, Christian approaches to kill Marie, but is instantly attracted, and they fall in love with each other. (Turning Point) With Fantóme on hot pursuit, he manages to shape-shift into a bat, and fly off with Marie. But, his wings give out, and the two crash. His mind is corrupting, and his wife is bent on revenge. Fearing death, Christian and Marie renounce their sins (he was a suicide, she a prostitute.) In a last-ditch effort for happiness, they drug Fantóme hoping to find refuge in Marie's empty bordello, Maison Blanche. But before they can make their way there, Fantóme awakens and summons the demons of the cemetery to terrorize the couple.(Dark Turning Point)

Corpse-eating creatures and ghosts torment them as they escape through the ghoulish graveyard. Dawn approaches, and the terrified pair searches for an unlocked vault or a get-away cab. When they fail to find either, Christian chain-smokes opium. Marie, widow of an alcoholic, renounces their relationship.(Darkest Moment) Christian, desperate to keep Marie, swears off opium and begs her and god's forgiveness.

The couple pray, and magically they translocate to Maison Blanche and are celebrating there when Fantóme attacks from a secret place. To save Marie, Christian, offers to move with Fantóme to an ice cave on Pluto. She agrees, and the enraged Marie starts his exorcism. (Main Event) Marie challenges him to a marriage à trois. He can winter in the city with her, and summer in the cemetery with Fantóme, while the exorcism from vampire to human takes hold. (Resolution) Apprehensive then ecstatic with the arrangement, Christian dances with Fantóme and Marie.

The Reluctant Vampire