Recent and Upcoming Readings, Productions, & Workshops, etc.

Appearing in 2021

WHAT:  Vampires Over Broadway A play by Rosary O'Neill

DATES:  December 2, 4 and 5.

TIMES:  9:00 PM, 12:00 PM and 830 PM

WHERE:  NYC Fall/Winterfest Place: Theater Latea at 107 Suffolk Street


Appearing in 2021

WHAT:  A talk on New Orleans Voodoo by Rosary O'Neill and Rory O'Neill Schmitt. See Profs and Pints.

DATE:  Tuesday, February 16

TIME:  7:00 to 9:00 PM CST (8:00 to 10:00 PM EST)

WHERE:  Online on Zoom. Go HERE for tickets and access. A recording will be available afterwards at the same link.


Appearing in 2021

WHAT:  The Awakening of Kate Chopin by Rosary O'Neill

WHERE:  Live streaming over the NOLA Theatre Folk Facebook Group, the Facebook page and Alan Smason's YouTube Channel (Musiclovers169).

DATE:  February 8, 2021

TIME:  8pm Central time (9pm Eastern and 7pm Pacific)

PHOTO DETAILS: The real Kate Chopin

Screenplays Appearing in 2021

Degas: The Impressionable Years, Screenplay co-written with Rory Schmitt
(Please refer parties interested in Degas to Carolle Bidault's email cbidault@mediafusionent or website:

The Vampire's Last Bite, Screenplay Co-written with Rory Schmitt

Vampires Over Broadway in development, Screenwriting Workshop at HB Studio, New York

PHOTO DETAILS: HB Studio in NYC. Photo by Yair Haklar

Appearing in 2021

WHAT:  The Reluctant Vampire by Rosary O'Neill

WHERE:  Invited into the NYC Summerfest Theatre Festival at the Hudson Guild Theatre

DATE:  July 2021

TIME:  July 1st and 2nd at 4:00 PM and July 3rd at 4:30 PM


WHAT: Marie Laveau and the Vampire, the Musical by Rosary O'Neill

WHERE:  Invited into the NYC Winterfest Theatre Festival

DATE:  January, 2022

TIME:  To be determined

Plays/Screenplays/Musicals being workshopped in NYC at the Actors Studio, Primary Stages, HB Studio, and the Harlem Writers Workshop at Columbia Univ, NY


Come if you can

Spring 2020

WHAT:  Staged reading of The Reluctant Vampire by Rosary O'Neill

WHERE:  Playwright Directors Workshop, Actors Studio, New York

DATE:  Tuesday, May 12th

TIME:  5 to 7 pm EDT By invitation on Zoom

ABOUT:  This is a Voodoo Vampire farce set in St. Louis Cemetery in New Orleans and is about a cowardly vampire who refuses to suck blood and is summoned to drain Marie Laveau.

PHOTO DETAILS from promo

Spring 2020

WHAT:  Reading of 10 minute farce The Reluctant Vampire by Rosary O'Neill

WHERE:  Westchester Community Theatre Westchester, New York online by invitation on Zoom

DATE:  Thursday, April 23

TIME:  7:00 pm EDT


Winter 2020

WHAT:  Lecture and Book Signing, Sacred Heart Academy Alumnae Book Group. Lecture on her book (with Rory Schmitt) Voodoo: A Cultural History

WHERE:  New Orleans Country Club or Home of member

DATE:  February 12, 2020

TIME:  1:45 pm


Winter 2020

WHAT:  Lecture and Book Signing Luncheon. Rosary will speak on her book, New Orleans Carnival Crews: Theatre of Prestige.

WHERE:  Pass Christian Historical Society

DATES:  January 21, 2020

PHOTO DETAILS: Headquarters

Winter 2020

WHAT:  Fellowship Residency to the Irish Cultural Center in Paris for reading of Degas in New Orleans by the Theatre de Matulu in Paris and Orleans, France

WHERE:  Paris, France

DATES:  January 10 to 18

PHOTO DETAILS: Irish Cultural Center, Paris on right. Photos of reading below.

Winter 2020

WHAT:  Grant to Paris, France to research film Blind Love, Degas Paints New Orleans

WHERE:  Paris, France

DATES:  January 7 to 18


Fall 2019

WHAT:  TV writing bootcamp: Writing your first "sizzle". Learn to writea screenplay for a "sizzle", a short film that shows off your TV project to investors, producers, and fans.

WHERE:  NOCCA (New Orleans Center for the Creative Arts)

DATES:  November 22-23, 2019

TIMES:  Friday (7pm-9:30pm) and Saturday (10am-4pm)


Fall 2019

WHAT:  Staged Reading of Play Degas in New Orleans Sponsored by France -Louisiana, Paris, Orleans Conservatoire Administration, Salle de I'Institut, directed by J Florie DUFOUR Artistic Director, Campagmoe Matulu, 23 allee du Clos Vert - 45000 ORLEANS - FRANCE

WHERE: Orleans, Orleans, France

DATE:  November 7, 2019

PHOTO DETAILS:   Orleans, France

Fall 2019

WHAT:  Degas in New Orleans: Harnessing History to Create Entertainment." Rosary will talk about all 3 works, her play, screenplay (with Rory Schmitt) and book of historical fiction as part of her Fulbright Grant and the University of Bonn's American Studies Lecture Series.

WHERE: University of Bonn, Bonn Germany

DATE:  November 5, 2019

PHOTO DETAILS: Working Artist 

Fall 2019

WHAT:  Fulbright to American Studies Department, University of Bonn, Graduate Seminar and Lecture on American Drama featuring O'Neill's plays Degas in New Orleans and John Singer Sergeant and Madame X

WHERE: University of Bonn, Bonn Germany

DATE:  October 16 - November 7

PHOTO DETAILS: Working Artist 

Summer 2019

WHAT:  Rosary and Rory on Mike Huberty's See You On The Other Side


DATE:  September 16,2019

LOGO:  The Other Side

Summer 2019

WHAT:  O'Neill invited to be a playwright member of the Playwright Directors Workshop

WHERE: Actors Studio, New York City

DATE:  September 2019

PHOTO DETAILS:  Actors Studio, NYC

Summer 2019

WHAT:  Shoot of sizzle for Rosary O'Neill's Garden District Pilot at mansion. Editing of sizzle currently in motion.

WHERE:  Felicity and Coliseum Street, Garden District, NO.

DATE:  August 29 to Sept. 1

PHOTO DETAILS:  Photo shoot pix at right; close up of sizzle above


WHAT:  Rosary speaks at her book signing at The Jefferson Public Library.

WHERE:  4747 West Napoleon Avenue, Metairie, LA

DATE:  Wednesday, May 22, 2019 @7:00 PM

PHOTO DETAILS:  Photo of Rosary's slide talk at library


WHAT:  Rosary sells out her book signing at Pass Christian Books.

WHERE:  Pass Christian, Mississippi

DATE:  Monday, May 20, 2019 @12 Noon

PHOTO DETAILS:  Photo of book signing with Barbara Reed of Pass Christian Books during luncheon at the Historical Society


WHAT:  Take a look at the promo for Rosary's new book:

WHAT:  The Vampire Trilogy and The Celebrity Plays are Volume 4 of her plays.

WHERE: Coming soon; to be announced


WHAT:  Rosary is interviewed about her Voodoo book

WHERE: on Peggy LaBorde's WYES TV show Steppin Out

DATE: Friday, May 10



WHAT:  Rosary is interiewed by Susan Larson about her Voodoo book

WHERE:  on WWNO New Orleans

DATE:  Tuesday, April 16 @11:30 AM


Save the date


Book signings for New Orleans Voodoo: A Cultural History
with Rosary O'Neill and Rory Schmitt
will take place in New Orleans at

The Roosevelt Hotel
Emporium Gift Shop
130 Roosevelt Way
New Orleans 70112
Phone: (504)648-1200
on May 25 @ 4pm

The Jefferson Public Library
4747 West Napoleon Avenue
Metairie, LA 70001
Phone: (504)838-1190
on May 22 @ 7 pm

Pass Christian Historical Society
201 East Scenic Drive
Pass Christian, MS 39571
Phone: (228)452-7254
on Monday, May 20 @ noon
Luncheon: members $10,
non-members $12


Winter 2019 in Paris

WHERE: Irish Cultural Center (in the Latin Quarter)

DESCRIPTION: Residency for two weeks (March 2-14)RESEARCHING EDGAR DEGAS at the Musee D'Orsay and the Louvre.

Winter, 2019

Save the date

book signings for
New Orleans Voodoo
A Cultural History


Rory Schmitt, PhD &
Rosary Harzinski, PhD

Garden District Book Shop
2727 Prytania Street
New Orleans, LA 70130
Tel:(504) 895-2266
Time: Sunday, January 13,
2:30 to 4:00 PM

Pass Christian Books
Cat Island Coffeehouse
300 East Scenic Drive
Pass Christian, MS 39571
Tel: (228) 222-4827
Time: Sunday, January 13,
2:30 to 4:00 PM

Faulkner House Books
624 Pirate Alley
New Orleans, LA 70116
Tel:(504) 524-2940
Time: Sunday, March 24


Winter, 2019

WHAT: Rosary’s new book New Orleans Voodoo: A Cultural History by Rory Schmitt, PhD and Rosary Harzinski, PhD

NEW ORLEANS SAYING: "You don't find Voodoo, Voodoo finds you."

DATE: Arcadia Publishing Company, January 2019

ABOUT: There is no more compelling nor more spiritual a city than
New Orleans. The city’s Roman Catholic roots and its blended¬†French, Spanish,
Creole, and American Indian populations heavily influenced the rites and rituals of
West African enslaved laborers brought to Louisiana. The resulting unique Voodoo
tradition is now deeply rooted in the area. Enslaved practitioners in the nineteenth
century held voodoo dances in designated public areas like Congo Square but conducted
their secret rituals away from the prying eyes of the city. By 1874, some 12,000 New
Orleanians, black and white, attended Voodoo Queen Marie Laveau's St. John’s
Eve rites on the shores of Lake Pontchartrain. The Voodoo tradition continues in the
Crescent City even today. Rory Schmitt and Rosary Harzinski study the altars, art,
history and ceremonies that anchor Voodoo in New Orleans culture.



Winter 2019 in Paris

WHERE: Irish Cultural Center (in the Latin Quarter)

DESCRIPTION:Residency for one week (January 2-11) to develop her rock musical Marie Laveau and the Vampire for production in New Orleans and Paris in 2019.

Fall, 2018

WHAT: Rosary named artist/scholar in the American Studies Department

WHERE: The Rheinische Friedrich Wilhelms Universitaet in Bonn, Germany

DATE: Appointment postponed to Fall, 2019 due to my broken ankle

ABOUT: Rosary invited to Bonn for their 25th Anniversary celebration as part of the Fulbright Specialist Program. This will be her 8th Fulbright award.



Spring, 2018

WHAT: Rosary's'play, Mariln/God (a comedy published by Samuel French) has been chosen to be produced at the Roxy Theatre in Tennessee

WHERE: Roxy Regional Theatre, 100 Franklin St., Clarksville, TN

DATE: April 30, May 1, 7, 8 2018

TIME: 7:00 PM

ABOUT:The year is 1962. Marilyn Monroe has just died and must audition for heaven. But her judges are her thirteen aborted babies. Will she get into heaven? Capturing the effervescent humor of Marilyn confused and intrigued by the signs she must follow to climb her way into heaven, this comedy explores the multi-levels of complexity of the cult goddess and how Americans' worship of beauty and fame fueled her rise to stardom.

CONTACT: web:;email:; phone: 931-645-7699; tickets: $15.00.


Winter 2018

WHAT: World premiere production of Turtle Soup, winner in the New Plays Festival, Spectral Sisters Productions

WHERE: the Hearn Stage of the Kress Building, 1090 3rd St., Alexandria, LA.

DATES: January 25-28, 2018

TIMES: 7:30 PM on Thursday, Friday and Saturday and 2:30 PM on Sunday

TICKETS: Call Ticket Central at 318-484-4474. Price is only $12.00

ABOUT: Rosary O'Neill's play, Turtle Soup was one of four plays selected for production in the 2017 Spectral Sisters One-Act Play Festival.


Fall, 2017

WHAT: An invitation to Screenwriting Television Workshop with David Black

WHERE: Kirkland House, Harvard University

DATE: October 31 to November 3


WHAT: Rosary's Hurricane play, Wishing Aces (a comedy published by Samuel French) has been chosen to be staged in a workshop reading

WHERE: The Gallery Players, 199 14th Street, Park Slope, Brooklyn, New York Benno Haenel, artistic director of Prism Theatre Company directs with a cast of shining New York actors.

DATE: October 9

ABOUT: In spite of a warning, Kitten, a runaway housewife, joins her Tulane professor, Beau, on a train trip through the Louisana swamp. They manage successfully until her son, Bunky, in an effort to punish her, shows up a stowaway on the train. As Kitten and Beau struggle though the tensions, a hurricane rages and their relationships explode.


May 26-28, 2017

WHERE: Theater for the New City,
Executive Artistic Director Crystal Field,
155 First Avenue (between 9th and 10th Streets)
New York, NY 10003
For more info: (212)254-1109


DESCRIPTION: A staged reading of John Singer Sargent and Madame X by Rosary O'Neill Directed by Benno Haenel. Selected to be shown in the 20th Annual Lower East Side Festival of the Arts, whose purpose is to discover new writing.

the new center

May 22, 2017

WHERE: The Gallery Players, 199 14th Street, Park Slope, Brooklyn

TIME: 7:00PM

DESCRIPTION: A staged reading of John Singer Sargent and Madame X Directed by Benno Haenel.



Invited into Actor Director's Workshop of the Actors Studio to develop her play "Monty, Marilyn, Liz". Directed by Benno Haedel and starring Mallory Danahau, Michelle Best and others.


April 2017 in Paris

WHERE:Theatre de la Tempete, Cartoucherie

DESCRIPTION: Rosary has an invitation from Philippe Adrien at the Theatre de la Tempete, Cartoucherie for residency in the month of April to study his technique and research her play Beckett at Greystones Bay.

On April 4 and 6 two readings took place of Rosary's play Degas in New Orleans
One was at Grande Salle, Columbia University, Reid Hall Global Center, Paris, the other at Amphi Turgot, Sorbonne University, Paris. Both were well received. Below are some photos taken at these events (Photos by Carole diTosti):

On April 4, before the reading

WHERE: At Columbia University, Reid Hall Global Center, Paris
DESCRIPTION: Mary Anderson, Carole diTosti, and Brunhilde Biebuyck Administrative Director Columbia's University's Reid Hall Global Center, Paris before the reading of Degas in New Orleans. FAR RIGHT: Director Joseph Danan in centre and actors from Degas in New Orleans at the Sorbonne

Spring 2018 in Paris

WHERE: Irish Cultural Center (in the Latin Quarter)

DESCRIPTION:Residency for a month to develop her play Degas in New Orleans for the 2017 Centennial of Degas' death, and to develop her rock musical Marie Laveau and the Vampire for production in New Orleans and Paris in 1918.