AFTERLIFE Ghostly Comedies: Plays by Rosary Hartel O'Neill Vol. 3

Sex, death and forgiveness among the Hollywood stars and upper classes

6 Plays of death and forgiveness

Behind Cut Glass
The Death Spirlal
James Dean and the Devil
Montgomery Clift and the All-Girl Fan Club

296 Pages, illustrated.

Volume 3 focuses on the problems of famous actors and those in the upper classes.

HEARTS deals with the machinations of one upper society family in New Orleans today.
BEHIND CUT GLASS is a post-Katrina expansion on my one act WISHING ACES (Pub. in vol 1), and I wanted to bring in a whole kaleidoscope of New Orleans characters, boatmen, hunters, Beau, the hero might reckon with on his flight.
In THE DEATH SPIRAL we travel with Claudia, a murdered beauty of uncertain age, as she goes forward in time and sees what happend to her family.
In MARILYN/GOD, Marilyn faces God in the last moments of her life and she must audition for heaven.
In JAMES DEAN AND THE DEVIL, Jimmy storms his way down a chaotic highway to discover he is dead and must break out of hell...

To me writing is like one big crossword puzzle--finding the word for the slot for the character for the time and keeping the reader and myself from being bored. When I write for particular actors, I see them in the roles and that helps me be specific. I wrote JAMES DEAN, MONTGOMERY CLIFT and revised HEARTS for my son who recently graduated from the Yale Drama School.